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Evil Boss #216

Posted in Humor with tags , , , , , , , , , on November 23, 2012 by Forrest Pasky

Being Political Correct at Work

I try to be politically correct at
work,but being a human being and not a
robot sometimes I struggle.

For example after I lit the effigy
of my boss on fireand we all danced around it

I was
give a verbal reprimand by HR.

They said such behavior was not

They didn’t write me up, however,
as all the folks from HR

were too tired from all the

Another time I was accused of
being a racist.

Simply, because I called my boss
as asshole.

Well, I did say that perhaps he
came from a race of super-assholes.

I wouldn’t say that was so much “racist”

as much as it was perhaps a
backhanded compliment.

Especially, after I slapped him repeatedly with the back of my hand.

I asked my boss what was his
wife’s sexual orientation.

Again needless offense was taken
when all I wanted to know

was if she had to orient herself
to be able to reach

the airsickness bag or be able to
throw up directly

into the toilette when they had

Some people are just so sensitive.

You can’t say anything about them
without slapping

them repeatedly with the back of
your hand.

I believe the portion of the IQ
test he was able to complete

that HR gave him showed that he
had the cognitive ability of a 3-year old.

But I would never describe him as a
moronic idiot.

There is no way he would
understand 2 words in a row with more than one syllable.

Unless, perhaps some 3-year old
explained it to him.

Again, you can’t say anything
about some people without slapping

them repeatedly with the back of
your hand.

HR: We can take it from here.

Thank God.

The back of my hand was getting

And HR had a fresh backhanded
complimenting hand.

With a brick.